Auto-Car of Antibes equips its new minibus with M&E multilingual systems

M & E continues to have a strong position in France, where it has a very high market share. This time it was the Auto-car company of the city of Antibes that has relied on the Spanish company to equip its new minibus of 23 seats.

Auto-car is a regular customer of M & E, and this time has opted for the most reliable system on the market, MTP08CM offering the best audio quality, as well as the best service. The French company offers all kinds of transport services, being the tourist transport its new bet to diversify its business.

M & E continues its sustainable growth in the market, always betting on the quality and service of its products, manufactured to detail in Barcelona with our production team and designed by our engineers, which guarantees that the product comes out in perfect condition and does not depend on distributors.




M&E equips the new tourist train of Alcalá City Tour

The Spanish cities continue betting on having a tourist offer that can attract new visitors and generate wealth for the municipal coffers. More and more cities, as Alcalá de Henares, are implementing tourism transport services that run through the city, offering detailed information on the main tourist attractions. Alsa and Grupo Juliá are in charge of operating the business. These are companies that have worldwide experience, and that are extending their operations throughout Spain.

In this change of behavior, M & E has positioned itself as the leading provider of systems so that operators can offer an optimal tourist service. Alcalá City Tour has relied on M & E to equip its new train, with its MTP08CM system offering 16-language for the tourists.

With this new installation, M & E is positioned as a leading provider of systems for tourist trains, counting more than 50 installations in just two years. Tenerife, Salou, Oslo, Granada and many more cities have decided to take a step forward and be able to optimize their business, by offering additional services that make it possible to retain tourists.

From the company it is expected that many cities follow the trail of Alcalá de Henares and start investing to improve their tourism offer.


Uganda inaugurates its first sightseeing bus in Kampala city

Kampala joins fashion and establishes the first tourist bus in all of Uganda. In this way, the city makes its tourism even more profitable and begins to generate wealth. It is a service that is present in most important cities worldwide, whose benefits have been more than relevant. Obviously, at the economic level, it represents a leap in quality, but also at a social level, it is a very important step forward.

The 69-seat, double-decker, open-roof bus was introduced by private tour firm, Promote Uganda Safari, to give passengers the opportunity to view Kampala’s historic buildings and sights with two daily trips.

With this service Kampala joins cities that are committed to sustainable tourism, as well as to adapt the tourist offer and increase the attractiveness of the city.


M&E Multimedia implements its multilingual systems in three new tourist trains for Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

M&E keeps growing its market share on the multilingual systems business by equipping three new tourist trains for the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. ALSA, company with international experience and local operator Sierra y Gonzalez won the public tender for operating this service in the city, and has created CityView Tenerife.

This time Tenerife have chosen the M&E MTP08CM system with 16 channels to offer a complete service to the tourists who visits the island. The tourist train modality has grown in recent years, offering a closer and more accessible service to certain areas that the bus cannot access.  The M&E multilingual system will allow passengers to know all the information related to the city and be able to enjoy the wonderful views.

M&E offers the best systems on the market, differentiated by their reliability as well as their durability. Quality is always guaranteed, as well as after-sales service is an element of competitive advantage around the competition


New sightseeing bus tour service in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Islamabad is joining a new tourist service to boost the sector. This time they have opted for the implementation of tourist routes within the city by bus. The bright red buses offering tourists a chance to visit the beautiful landmarks of Islamabad are decorated with bright colours and posters on their exteriors

The city’s first sightseeing bus service has been launched by PTDC to promote tourism and invite both local and foreign tourists to immerse themselves in the cultural and natural beauty of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The fleet has 5 buses two long-chassis and three smaller models. They will initially cover Islamabad’s major sights and would later be extended to Rawalpindi and other cities of Pakistan. The bus fare includes the entry fee to all the attractions.

The tour aims to showcase sights including the Faisal Mosque, Pakistan’s iconic mosque and epitome of Pakistan-Saudi Arabia friendship; tourist spot Saidpur Village; the city’s hill top garden, Daman-e-Koh; Lake View Park, Islamabad’s biggest recreational park; Lok Virsa, the hub of art, culture and heritage; as well as Bird Aviary; F-9 Park; Islamabad Zoo; Pakistan Monument; and major food and shopping centres. The tour will also include the famous Ayub National Park in the historic city of Rawalpindi, while Taxila Museum will be visited on weekends.


City Sightseeing

M&E present in the City Sightseeing magazine of 2018 · M&E Multimedia

One more year, M & E exhibits its products and services in the prestigious magazine of City Sightseeing. It is a long-standing relationship between the Sevillian and the Catalan companies. City Sightseeing is one of the largest sightseeing operators worldwide, and M & E is its leading provider of multilingual systems.

Currently M&E Multimedia & Engineering is growing considerably, thanks to its policy based on quality and service. As far as City Sightseeing is concerned, the company is present in more than 100 cities around the world, setting trends and boosting a brand with a lot of power and reputation.

The content of the magazine always provides interesting articles about the sector, interviews with personalities and tourist institutions, as well as personal experiences. For their part they offer information for their franchisees about products and services that can improve and make their business profitable.

M&E hopes to have more influence in the City Sightseeing group and its franchisees, and thus be able to offer quality solutions for them. During 2018, it will launch two new systems that will revolutionize multilingual systems and radically differentiate itself from its competitors.


city sightseeing


M&E grows around 50% in 2017 and positions itself as a leading provider of multilingual systems.

M&E Multimedia & Engineering confirms the good feelings left in 2016 and grows around 50% in 2017. The company has adopted a strategy based on the quality of its products and customer service, in order to guarantee sustainable growth that has led it to expand significantly.

Entering new markets and consolidating existing ones have made the company look at 2018 with enthusiasm and with new projects.  2017 leaves a good flavor, consolidating its position in front of the competition and certifying that it has an adequate strategy, where the first thing is the customers.

2018 is exciting with the arrival of new multilingual systems that revolutionize the market in a radical way. The first will be called Smart Tourist Guide and will be a new system concept that will help the operator to digitize their services and optimize their performance. The second will be aimed at markets more price-sensitive and will allow M & E to reach customers with less technological needs and more emerging.

In conclusion, M&E consolidates as a leading provider in multilingual systems in the world, differentiating itself from the competition in quality and service.


M&E equips the 6 new buses of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife has started to operate its new tourist bus service on the island. It is a UTE with the powerful transport company ALSA and the local operator Sierra y Gonzalez. It is an operation with 6 tourist buses, which began to circulate at the beginning of the year 2018.

M&E Multimedia & Engineering has been the provider of multilingual systems for this operation. It is a new location for M & E that has consolidated its dominance position in Spain and has begun to obtain operations outside its area of influence. M&E has achieved a position of confidence as a provider of multilingual systems, with ALSA, given that the service and quality it offers is far superior to its competitors.

With the new systems that will be launched on the market in 2018, M & E will become the main supplier of multilingual systems worldwide, differentiating itself from the competition in a clear and forceful way.


City Tour

First double-decker hybrid bus in Barcelona City Tour fleet

Barcelona continues to innovate in the tourism sector, this time he has presented his first hybrid sightseeing bus. It is an initiative of the company Barcelona City Tour, owned by the powerful companies Grupo Julià and Moventia.

The double-decker bus ensures very low consumption, with a very acceptable autonomy, as well as a much more relaxed driving. Unvi, the coach builder has been the manufacturer of this new tool to reduce emissions and be aligned with current environmental policies.

After two years in tests, it has been proven that the vehicle allows savings of 30% in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as 40% of NOx and PM emissions.

As far as the multilingual system is concerned, Barcelona City Tour relies on M&E Multimedia & Engineering, to equip it with its MTP08CM system, the most quality system, as well as the most reliable.

The world of the tourist bus has begun to implement the new advances in terms of the emissions of its buses, so that they will be respectful with the environment and promote sustainable mobility in the city.

Grupo Julià

ALSA and Grupo Julià inaugurate the sightseeing bus of Marrakech

ALSA and Grupo Julià have inaugurated the new service of tourist buses in Marrakech, one hundred percent electric and free of emissions, after being awarded the tender called by the City Council for the management of this service for the next six years

Four new panoramic double-decker buses have been purchased for their start-up, which as a novelty are 100% electric and therefore do not generate emissions, thus adapting to the city’s environmental demands.

The service is expected to be used by more than 90,000 tourists a year. For its start-up, the UTE formed by Grupo Julià and ALSA has invested 1.8 million euros and created 20 direct and 200 indirect jobs.

ALSA has been present in Marrakech since 1999, managing urban transport and, subsequently, also that of its metropolitan area. In 2005, it launched the first tourist bus service in the city.

Grupo Julià is one of the main Spanish business groups specializing in global tourism and mobility services, and through its City Tour Worldwide division it has positioned itself as the second international tourist bus operator with a total displacement of more than four million passengers in 2016.