Electric Buses – Embracing the future with the best technology

In 2011, an electric-vehicle manufacturer unveiled an early model of electric buses at an industry conference in Belgium. At the time, the launch was considered a joke and everyone was laughing at this.

Just eight years later, major European cities are committed to electrifying their bus fleets –  240 electric double-deckers will be running in London this year, and Paris has bought 1,000 electric buses which will start service in 2020. The rapid uptake of electric vehicles is occurring in cities around the world and the predictions are that by 2030, 84% of global municipal bus sales will be electric.

What makes electric buses so appealing for the future?

Electric buses are more efficient than conventional diesel ones, and have received favourable reviews from users around the world. Electric buses are quieter, generating far less noise and vibrations than diesel buses, often making for a more comfortable journey. They have superior image and comfort, avoid stranded assets from investing in gas infrastructure, use locally produced (renewable) energy and ensure energy sovereignty by displacing oil consumption.

Also, studies have shown that if the “total cost of ownership” is considered – including the costs to society in terms of air pollution, noise and climate change – electric buses offer a much better deal.

Barcelona City Tour Electric bus

How does M&E Engineering contribute with electric buses?

At M&E Engineering, we understand the importance of offering high-quality products and adapt to our clients’ and market needs. For this reason, we dedicate our time to developing a system of audioguides that is 100% compatible with electric buses and answers the demands of the latest technological requests.

Here are some of our automatic multilingual guides’ features:

  1. Lowest power-consumption in the market – our guides are ideal for electric buses, as they are the ones with maximum power saving. This is giving the bus much more autonomy, as it doesn’t drain your bus’s battery and, therefore, the range you can travel is much higher.
  2. IP Code 55 – M&E guides have a high degree of protection against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. This is provided by the high-quality mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.
  3. Sistema modulable – our whole system is structures on a way that each component can be studied, fixed or changed independently from the rest of the system. Each part has specific needs and features that can be treated in isolation and keep the guides running on the bus.
  4. High quality materials – our materials are resistant and durable, which translates into more hours of productivity.
  5. 95% fixable – we have a very low percentage of failure, however, when this happens, we try and find the way to fix the broken part, we don’t dump it. By doing this, we not only cooperate with the environment but also with the company’s budget, as it implies less waste for the environment but, at the same time, much less waste of money for the company.
  6. Easily customizable – We can add and remove audio files quickly and easily on our content management software. We carefully study the needs of our clients to protect their investment, maximize their benefits in exhibits and tours and evolve with the market.

We, as individuals and corporation, want to contribute to a better world. For this reason, we have become environmentally more conscious and more inclined align our brand with a commitment to sustainability, always focusing on our clients’ needs-