Auto-Car of Antibes equips its new minibus with M&E multilingual systems

M & E continues to have a strong position in France, where it has a very high market share. This time it was the Auto-car company of the city of Antibes that has relied on the Spanish company to equip its new minibus of 23 seats.

Auto-car is a regular customer of M & E, and this time has opted for the most reliable system on the market, MTP08CM offering the best audio quality, as well as the best service. The French company offers all kinds of transport services, being the tourist transport its new bet to diversify its business.

M & E continues its sustainable growth in the market, always betting on the quality and service of its products, manufactured to detail in Barcelona with our production team and designed by our engineers, which guarantees that the product comes out in perfect condition and does not depend on distributors.



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