Barcelona, among the 25 most visited cities in the world

Barcelona is among the 25 most visited cities in the world in 2014, according to a global market research conducted by Euromonitor International. This strengthens and elevates the tourist image of Spain that had received more than 64 million tourists last year. Meanwhile, the other Spanish city on the ranking is Madrid ranked in position  forty-one, followed by the Polish city of Warsaw and just behind the Italian city of Florence.

The ranking is headed by the Chinese city of Hong Kong, followed by Singapore and Bangkok also Asian. The top ten is led by six cities in Asia.

The first European city is London that is in fourth place in the ranking, followed by Paris. New York is in the seventh position as the most visited American city. To find the first south-American city we have to move to the thirty-first position where we find Lima the capital of Peru.

Barcelona has a special charm and makes it one of the most attractive cities in Europe

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