Multimedia & Engineering Present in Paris  


Multimedia & Engineering implements the new multilanguage audio system for Open Tour tour buses in Paris.

This new system offers 16 languages and provides data and information to generate statistics and relevant analysis that can support the development of strategies and improvements for the business. The water and dust resistant modules were customized with an exclusive design for Open Tour; an easy model to install, use and maintain. We are proud to be part of a tourist experience in one of the main capitals of the world, with more than 42 million foreign visitors per year and continue telling the story of the most beautiful places in the world with the best multilanguage audio technology.

Multilingual audio system

M&E implements the multilingual audio system for City Sightseeing Seville

City Sightseeing Sevilla, relies on the quality and service of M & E Multimedia Engineering to develop the multilingual audio system of the new tourist bus that has the latest technological advances and new generation in 16 languages.

The tourist bus offers a cultural experience in the Andalusian capital that detonates joy and magic in each of its squares and streets that make up its historic center, tourists who come on board will appreciate prestigious Islamic monuments, gardens, flamenco festivals, and the amazing history of Seville, accompanied by an excellent audio guide, as well as enjoy the panoramic view offered by the bus and the incredible experience in 14 strategically distributed stops.

At M & E we understand the importance of offering a quality service that adapts to the needs of tourists, so we are pleased to be part of an experience of emotions and discovery of people traveling with City Sightseeing.


The highlights of the Seville citytour:


– 3 walking tours to discover the most picturesque places in the city

-Unlimited Tourist Bus 24/48 h with panoramic views of the biggest attractions of Seville

-Audio comments in 16 languages ​​so you can discover the culture and history of Seville

-Celebreate  the Murillo Year and discover the work of the most international painter from Seville

-Create your own itinerary through Seville through the tourist bus route with 14 stops


M&E present at FITUR 2019

Multimedia & Engineering will be present at The International Tourism Fair (FITUR), a leading trade fair for tourism professionals and for the Latin-American markets. Visitors will learn more about our services and the latest advances on multilingual systems, access codes for tourist apartments (code system) and personalized projects that adapt to the needs of each client.

During January 24th and 25th, M&E will visit the fair and offer solutions with the latest technological innovations that have been developed during 2018 to improve its services in multilanguage audio guides, access control, automotive sector, multimedia advertising devices, among others.

The International Tourism Fair (FITUR) is an important global communication platform, since it has a national and international presence, helping the development of strategies, alliances, technological changes and the needs of the consumers, therefore promoting the business of the tourism that keeps on growing every day in Europe.

Grupo Julià

M&E present in Marrakech

Juliá and ALSA inaugurated in Marrakech two tour buses that are eco-friendly as they fulfill the environmental requirements demanded by the city. The new service of “Marrakech City tour” offers two circuits: “Palmeral Histórico” and “Palmeral Tour”, which allow to visit the artistic heritage and the historical monuments of the most touristic city that receives 3 million visitors a year.

The main Spanish business groups Juliá and ALSA, specialized in global tourism and mobility services, relied on M&E Multimedia Engineering, to develop such an important project and equip the new buses with the latest advances in the multilanguage and new generation system in 8 languages.

The modality of moving around the city in tourist buses is becoming more popular every day, as it is a comfortable and useful way of travel for tourists. In addition, this system is environmentally friendly and improves the profitability of bus operators.


Citysightseeing Oslo relies on M&E to equip its new fleet

Oslo is a city where tourism has grown exponentially in recent years. The wide tourist offer has made tourists very satisfied with their visit to the Nordic country.

In this context, the companies that provide services for tourists have had to invest more to be able to compete with each other. This is the case of Citysightseeing Oslo, a company that makes tours with double-decker buses, teaching the city quickly and conveniently.

Recently Cityisightseeing Oslo has renewed its fleet with 2 tourist buses, bodied by UNVI. The great differentiation is the individual M&E audio system with 8 different languages, which allow tourists to listen and learn in their native language.

M & E is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the market that offers the most reliable and highest quality systems for its customers. It is in the expansion phase, thanks to its new systems and the experience it has acquired during these years.


Citysightseeing Athens equips its new bus with M&E multilingual system

The Greek company is renewing fleet, to be able to offer an optimal service to its customers. Citysightseeeing Athens is a company that is committed to the quality of service, has a fleet that constantly renews and 4 lines that show the best of the city of Athens.

Currently the company has its entire fleet equipped with the multilingual systems of M & E Multimedia & Engineering, and for its new bus it has once again relied on the Spanish company as its trusted supplier. It has been equipped with the MTP08CM system with 16 channels, which offers the best sound quality and reliability in the market.

Thanks to its new strategy, M & E has grown steadily in recent years, building customer loyalty through quality and service and reaching new ones that make the business grow and the company can consolidate its leadership position in the market.

With the new systems that are being developed and that will soon be launched on the market, the Spanish company hopes to be able to differentiate itself even more from the competition and be able to grow all over the world.



M&E retrofits 29 sightseeing buses for TMB Barcelona

TMB Barcelona continues with its policy of digitization in its sightseeing bus fleet. It’s about changing its MT08T multilingual systems, for the new M & E MTP08CM system with 16 languages, which offers more sound quality and optimizes reliability. The operation has been 29 sightseeing buses that are the last round to have the fleet fully digitized.

During the last two years, TMB has digitized its entire fleet, as well as acquired many buses to serve tourists. The tourist explosion in Barcelona has meant that the offer has to be adapted to the growing demand, as well as implementing new technologies to continue at the forefront of the sector. With these new operations, M & E confirms its dominance position in Spain, where it has a high market share.

M&E continues with its expansion process, leading a growing sector, offering quality and service as its main advantages around its competition. The company has full control of all manufacturing processes that take place in the headquarters of Barcelona and are distributed throughout the world.

M&E equips the new Hybrid fleet of TMB

The new era has reached the tourist bus market. The need to emit less gas and that buses are respectful with the environment, has caused the main operators and manufacturers have to change their business models. The new hybrid and electric technology will revolutionize the sector in the coming years. TMB is ready to start the new era.

TMB has been one of the first operators to bet on hybrid technology. In this case he has relied on the Galician company UNVI as its bus manufacturer. Again at a technological level, M & E has once again become its multilingual systems provider for its new fleet of 8 tour buses.

TMB is always committed to new technologies, to offer its users a high quality service. That is why it is a pioneer in the acquisition of hybrid tour buses that help reduce the level of emissions in the city, one of the main environmental problems. A future is predicted with many changes and that corporate social responsibility is one of the main bases of business.



Auto-Car of Antibes equips its new minibus with M&E multilingual systems

M & E continues to have a strong position in France, where it has a very high market share. This time it was the Auto-car company of the city of Antibes that has relied on the Spanish company to equip its new minibus of 23 seats.

Auto-car is a regular customer of M & E, and this time has opted for the most reliable system on the market, MTP08CM offering the best audio quality, as well as the best service. The French company offers all kinds of transport services, being the tourist transport its new bet to diversify its business.

M & E continues its sustainable growth in the market, always betting on the quality and service of its products, manufactured to detail in Barcelona with our production team and designed by our engineers, which guarantees that the product comes out in perfect condition and does not depend on distributors.




M&E equips the new tourist train of Alcalá City Tour

The Spanish cities continue betting on having a tourist offer that can attract new visitors and generate wealth for the municipal coffers. More and more cities, as Alcalá de Henares, are implementing tourism transport services that run through the city, offering detailed information on the main tourist attractions. Alsa and Grupo Juliá are in charge of operating the business. These are companies that have worldwide experience, and that are extending their operations throughout Spain.

In this change of behavior, M & E has positioned itself as the leading provider of systems so that operators can offer an optimal tourist service. Alcalá City Tour has relied on M & E to equip its new train, with its MTP08CM system offering 16-language for the tourists.

With this new installation, M & E is positioned as a leading provider of systems for tourist trains, counting more than 50 installations in just two years. Tenerife, Salou, Oslo, Granada and many more cities have decided to take a step forward and be able to optimize their business, by offering additional services that make it possible to retain tourists.

From the company it is expected that many cities follow the trail of Alcalá de Henares and start investing to improve their tourism offer.