UK attracting record number of tourists in 2017

Tourism is booming in the UK with nearly 40 million overseas people expected to have visited the country during 2017. Tourist promotion agency VisitBritain forecasts overseas trips to the UK will increase 6% to 39.7 million with spending up 14% to £25.7bn this year. The UK has become a cheaper place to visit for tourists from overseas following the fall in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote last year.

Britons are also holidaying at home in record numbers. National tourism was worth £127bn annually to the economy.  During the first six months of the year there were a record 23.1 million overseas visits to the UK – up 8% on the same period in 2016 – and the figures for July topped four million for the first time, with only a slightly smaller number of visits made during August.

This shows that at the moment the Brexit is not working in tourism levels, although it may be that in a future United Kingdom will have to rethink its tourism model given the limitations that may give rise to its new situation in the world.


M&E equips four sightseeing trains of the coastal city of Salou

Salou the most famous city in the province of Tarragona has relied on M&E to install its multilingual system in the 4 sightseeing trains it has in operation. This installation gives M&E a lot of prestige since it makes clear that the systems it offers can be adapted to any type of tourist transport, whether bus, train or boat.

The City of Salou has decided to give a quality service to the tourists and offer a guided tour by train. This way follows the path of tourist cities in Spain as: Granada, Girona, San Sebastián, Peñíscola … that have decided to make tourism profitable through tourist trains.

M&E continues to grow during this 2017, and hopes to get many more operations for tourist trains given the boom that this type of business is suffering in recent years.  In addition it has grown in number of buses equipped this 2017 and hopes to be able to grow in 2018 in tourist boat thanks to the new systems that are predicted that they will launch to the market that year.


Citysightseeing Santader equip their new buses with M&E.

M&E continues with its growth this 2017 by equipping the new sightseeing buses of Citysightseeing Santander. The company specialized in the manufacture of multilingual systems for tourist buses raises more than 90 systems distributed during 2017 by now.

Citysightseeing is a regular M&E customer given that they trust the quality and service that the Spanish company offers.  With these installations M&E consolidates its position in the sightseeing bus operator and its franchisees.

It is currently present in cities such as Brussels, Oslo, Athens, Mallorca, Tenerife and many more of the CitySightseeing network. In 2018 it hopes to be able to increase its consolidation within the Sevillian group, offering its new systems that will change the world of multilingual systems.

M&E offers the most quality multilingual systems on the market, since it produces its products in its factory, which differentiates it from the competition that matters its products.

Open Tour

L’Open Tour Paris premieres the first electric tourist bus with M&E System

The prestigious French company, l’Open Tour,  is committed once again to go a step further, this time, acquiring the first electric  open top sightseeing bus in the world. It is a combination between the Spanish bodybuilder Unvi and the powerful Chinese brand BYD.

L’Open Tour, owned by RATP France, demonstrates its awareness of the environment and opens the way for other operators to adopt this type of behavior. The French company has always bet on the quality to give a greater service to the tourists.

And is that Paris is the most tourist city in Europe and one of the most visited in the world. Thing that puts like a model to follow by many cities and operators of sightseeing bus tours.

It should be noted that L’Open Tour has always relied on M&E Multimedia & Engineering as its multilingual system provider, and with this project has once again demonstrated its total willingness to work with the leading company in the audioguide sightseeing bus market.


In which cities do tourists spend more money?

One of the most important data on tourism is the per capita expenditure that tourists generate in the cities they visit. This expenditure is a very valuable asset for the country  national economy, since it generates products consumption as well as jobs, reducing unemployment and increasing the citizens quality life.

Dubai is the city where tourists spent more money per capita. Last year, its 14.9 million visitors spent 28.5 billion euros. New York (17,020 billion euros) and London (16,090 million) are a magnet for shopping, but the two cities are far behind Dubai in average spending per capita. Bangkok is the most popular destination of all, with 19.4 million visitors, although each tourist spent half of what was spent in Dubai.

Among the 10 most visited cities in the world, it is expected that only New York will have a slight decrease in the number of visitors in 2017. Meanwhile, spending continues its upward trend. Dubai, which is the place where the most is spent today, plans to increase tourism spending by 10% for this year.


M&E retrofits 21 TMB buses with his new MTP08CM Compact System

The company specialized in the manufacture of multilingual systems for tourist a bus continues with its extraordinary pace of installations in 2017. This time has been Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) who has returned to rely on the quality and service that M&E offers them.

The order has been to modernize a part of its fleet with the new system MTP08CM Compact System, to be able to give a better service to the tourist. In total there have been 21 tour buses where the central CPU has been changed to the most modern and new M & E. The new central unit offers 16 channels with GPS triggered, and more functionalities.

Currently TMB has 100% of the fleet with the M&E systems, making clear that it bets on the treasured quality.

With these 21 buses, M & E has installed more than 60 buses this 2017, with great expectations of reaching more than 100 this year. In this way, the company consolidates its position in the market, and in 2018 it will seek to cover more world market with the launch of its two new systems Smart Tourist Guide and Multilingual Tourist Guide, which will be a radical revolution in the market.

madrid city tour

M&E equips 26 buses of Madrid City Tour

M&E Multimedia & Engineering continues its good line this 2017. This time has equipped the entire fleet of Madrid City Tour with 26 open top sightseeing buses. The new fleet is composed of 13 buses  by AYATS and 13 by UNVI.

The joint venture between Alsa and Grupo Juliá continues to grow on the spanish capital, investing to provide better service to tourists.

M&E has equipped the buses with the MTP08CM system with 16 channels, the most reliable and robust equipment on the market. In addition to offering a personalized technical service, and travel to Madrid as many times as necessary, forming their operators and leaving the buses ready to work.

In M&E Multimedia Engineering we understand the importance of providing high quality products that adapt to the costumer’s changing needs. This allows us to improve our guide systems constantly  and offer new  high quality models that adapt to the latest technological requirements.



French Tourism rebounds after Terrorist Attacks

Tourism in France suffered after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, but the new French government is trying to attract even more visitors by promoting and investing in advertising campaigns

Paris is often cited as the most visited city in the world, but tourism dropped by 3 million people last year in the wake of those 2015 terror attacks in the city. Tourism is on the rebound this year. And the French government has plans to make sure it stays that way. Tourism is the main sector in the French capital, which is why the government wants to recover visitor levels before the terrorist attacks of 2015, since they understand that apart from providing wealth, it creates a significant number of jobs.

The country expects 89 million tourists this year and has a goal of 100 million by the end of the decade. That would boost the French economy with 50 billion euros.

Making France more accessible to tourists likely isn’t just for economics. It also can’t hurt Paris in its hopes to host the Summer Olympics either. Since its only rival, Los Angeles, agreed to host in 2028, Paris is likely to be home to the Olympic Games in 2024.

City Sightseeing

M&E present at the City Sightseeing Annual Conference in Amsterdam

As every year City Sightseeing celebrates its private Annual Conference, where the franchisees and suppliers meet to exchange opinions and experiences.

As usual, M&E has participated in the event as a supplier of multilingual audio guide systems.  This year the company has introduced its new system, Smart Tourist Guide, based on the smartphone technology.

More than 120 franchisees participated in the event where they have been able to see the new multilingual system of the future. The feedback from the franchisees has been very positive praising the functionalities of the new system.

M&E currently works with many City Sightseeing franchisees as:

  •  Malaga
  • Cordoba
  • Oslo
  • Gozo
  •  Corfu
  • Athens
  • Brussels
  • Much more…

From M&E we would like to thank City Sightseeing for giving us the opportunity to work together and be able to offer the best service to its franchisees.

City Sightseeing

Madrid City Tour

M&E equips the new fleet of Madrid City Tour

The Spanish company that operates the tourist bus of the capital of Spain trusts again in M&E multilingual systems. This is the fleet renewal of 26 open top buses. With this renovation Madrid City Tour wants to increase the number of tourists that opt for the modality of tourist bus.

Madrid is a city that receives millions of tourists each year, which has a diverse and quality tourism offer. A city with an exquisite gastronomy, with a lot of history and many places of leisure where the tourist can enjoy.

Madrid City Tour has equipped its buses with the new MTP08CM Compact system with 16 channels and the best technology in the market. They have also opted for the innovative video automation system, to be able to visualize images, videos, announcements etc…

The company that is a joint venture between ALSA and Grupo Julià, has as main objective to consolidate itself in Madrid, as one of the indispensable attractions for the tourists.

M&E consolidates its position as leader of the sector, present in more than 20 countries with the large fleets of tourist buses. Experience and professionalism make M&E systems and service the best in the market.