World tourism continues to grow extraordinarily

Tourism has become the king of leisure activities. According to the WTO, it already represents 10% of world , makes 7% of world trade and generates 30% of exports of services.

In terms of job creation, their participation is decisive: it is estimated that 1 out of 11 jobs – direct and indirect – that are created around the world comes from tourism.

France stays top of world tourism league, despite fall in 2016. The number of foreign tourists to France fell from by about two million last year but it remained the world’s most popular destination with 82.5 million people visitin.

Spain, Italy and other Mediterranean countries have benefited given the complicated conditions of countries such as France, Tunisia or Egypt, beating historical records of visitors.




The tourist experience is the basis of the sightseeing bus business

In the last 5 years the bus sector has seen its market increase dramatically. Many cities already enjoy the service of the tourist bus, and in some of them there is ferocious competition between operators.

The tourists like this modality of tourism for its comfort and its globality. In addition, more and more services are offered on board, which complement the main activity. Services like a good audio guide system, USB chargers or vending machines, are indispensable if you want to maximize the tourist experience.

The satisfaction and experience of the tourists are key to being able to gain reputation as well as customer loyalty. Operators are increasingly willing to invest in new technologies, new buses as well as in guiding the business to the customer.

The operator who does not adapt to new trends has the danger of not meeting the needs of the customer and lose a market share that can be devastating to the business. The competition is tough, that’s why you need to have a mindset open to change and new technologies.


M&E New System: Multilingual Tourist Guide for price sensitive markets.

M&E follows its strategy based on innovation in multilingual systems for tourist buses.
Given the great increase in the market in the last years, M & E has decided to develop a price sensitive system, to be able to include all those small and medium operators that need a system but does not want to do a high initial expenditure.

The Multilingual Tourist Guide is a system of maximum reliability offering up to 16 channels. Like all M&E multilingual systems it has the pertinent homologations as well as IP55 certification against water and dust.

The sector is growing at a spectacular pace and the offer has to adapt to the new preferences of the customers. M & E is the company with more experience of the market, as well as the tip in new systems. The reliability of their systems, as well as their technical service, makes the service optimal and personalized for each client. All production is manufactured in our headquarters in Barcelona, as we believe that quality is not a negotiable value with third parties

The new system, Multilingual Tourist Guide, is an advance of what M & E has prepared for this 2017.

Barcelona Bus Turístic

New corporate image of Barcelona Bus Turístic

The company TMB of Barcelona has decided to adopt this decision, given the process of modernization that the brand is suffering. Barcelona Bus Turístic is the company with more experience in the realization of guided tours by Barcelona.

The modernization process has begun with the acquisition of new tourist buses with the latest technology on the market.  For example Barcelona Bus Turístic has installed the MTP08CM Compact System of M&E Multimedia Engineering, which gives the highest performance in audio quality.

The new image is inspired by several attractions of the Catalan capital, such as the reflection of the sun on the sea, the art of Gaudí’, the city’s street tiles, the stained-glass windows of the churches or the colors of the Torre Agbar and the Olympic Fish.

Barcelona receives millions of tourists annually and the tourist bus is one of the ways to visit the city preferred by certain segments of tourists. The scope of any commercial or communication strategy is enormous, making the consequences have the same impact.


M&E Multimedia & Engineering will be present at Fitur 2017 in Madrid

The Spanish company is a regular visitor at the Madrid tourism fair. Fitur is an event that brings together the majority of tourism companies in the Mediterranean area, creating a spectacular business environment and generating an incalculable wealth.

Travel agencies, tour operators, bus operators or companies dedicated to the operation of the tourist bus are some of the profiles that are in the fair. This year there are more than 9.000 exhibitors, with a reach of more than 230.000 visitors.

For M&E Multimedia Engineering, Fitur is a key event to strengthen ties with its customers and to make new contacts. Being present in the market is fundamental to M & E’s business evolution, adapting their systems to the requirements that customers demand and the changing needs of society. Fitur will be for the company, the starting point of its new communication and marketing strategy, so that in 2017 many changes and new developments will emerge.

M&E has always offered the best multilingual tourist bus systems as well as the best aftermarket service to retain existing customers and attract potential ones seeking quality and service.

city sightseeing

City Sightseeing takes his business model to Saudi Arabia

City Sightseeing continues to cross borders and opening branches around the world. The Spanish company has signed an agreement with the company Emirates to exploit the business model of City Sightseeing in Riyadh.

After opening a branch office in San Juan Puerto Rico, Riyadh is the next city to enjoy the famous red buses without roof, typical of cities like London, Paris, New York and many more. Nowadays City Sightseeing is present in more than 110 cities around the world and has established itself as the largest company in the sector.

City Sightseeing operates as a franchise and has about 3,400 employees. Its main headquarters are in London and Sevilla. Last year it counted more than 13 million travelers in more than one hundred destinations around the world and in 2016 plans to exceed these figures.

The modality of the tourist bus has grown exponentially the last decade, given the great acceptance in the market. The tourists see more comfortable being able to take a look of the city aboard the bus and be able to go down and up when they like it, not any other method of guided tourism.




M&E is a global company present in all over the world

M&E has more than 15 years in the tourist bus sector, in fact is the company with more experience in the market. The company has marked a before and after in the technology of multilingual systems for tourist buses, trains and boat. His innovative mentality has made it always offer the most advanced systems with the highest benefits and services.

Currently the company is present in 5 continents, with systems in the most important cities of the planet. Europe is its main market given the proximity, but the organizational structure of the company makes it possible to serve the whole world.

The company has clients like:

  • TMB and Barcelona City Tour: Two of the largest companies in the sector worldwide
  • RATP (Extrapolitan) : present in Paris.
  • Citysightseeing Worldwide
  • Miami Open Tour
  • Turistik Chile
  • Sydney Tour and Tasmania

These are just a few operators with whom M&E works. The market for multilingual systems has grown, as a consequence of the consolidation of this typology of tourism in the world. And if the market grows competition also, M&E continues to be the market leader by offering the best systems with all the certifications and quality tests.

In conclusion the experience in the market and the mentality of offering better systems make M&E the strongest company in the sector. Soon they will launch to the market a new system that will revolutionize the market.


Sightseeing Lahore expands his fleet with three new tourist buses

Lahore, second most populated city in Pakistan with about 7 million people, has seen that its tourism has increased in recent years due to the stability in the country after decades of armed conflict.

Because of this new situation arose the idea of exploiting the tourist bus business. Due to it is a business that promotes the city and also provides many economic benefits for its people, they start with the service in November last year.

Well they have done that nowadays have acquired three more double-decker buses for its citywide tours. The vehicles are expected to arrive in Lahore in January. Each bus has a capacity to accommodate 67 passengers.

Today the tourist bus is a must in any city that wants to have a sustainable and profitable tourism model. Lahore is already part of an almost endless list of cities that have decided to exploit the business and enrich all complementary businesses.

Europe remains the continent with most tourist buses, but more and more cities has actually rolling typical open top buses through the city.


M&E will visit WTM London 2016

M&E Multimedia & Engineering, leader in the manufacture and commercialization of multilingual systems for sightseeing buses, will visit World Travel Market (WTM) that is done in London next November 2016.

The tourist bus sector is growing very fast; increasingly cities decide to implement this type of tour guide given the quality of the service and the wealth it generates for the city. This service gives prestige to the city and gives a qualitative leap for the tourism sector of the city.

Aforetime only Barcelona, London, Paris and a few others, were the cities that offer this service and who bet on a change in the tourism model city. Currently, this service has been extended to countries from all continents. Reaching countries those years ago that was unthinkable that tourism would generate wealth for the people of the city.

Multilingual systems are an indispensable service in the industry, as it provides added value for tourists. Tourist satisfaction should be the priority of companies that offer guided tours on tourist buses. Any service that can be offered to enhance the tourist experience must be analyzed by companies because they can build competitive advantage around other competitors. Otherwise, every day there are more types of guided tour which can reduce the market share.

WTM London brings together companies engaged in the tourism sector worldwide.


M&E equips the new tourist buses of TMB Barcelona

M&E Multimedia & Engineering has equipped the new fleet of tourist buses of TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona). The specialist in the manufacture and marketing of multilingual audio guide systems is strengthened in his city. This new fleet has Volvo chassis and body SERCAR, which represent a modernization of the existing fleet of tourist buses in the city.

TMB is the company that manages public transport in Barcelona and its surroundings. It is a model company in terms of urban transport management, as managed by train, bus, tram and tourist bus.

Regarding the tourist bus network consists of 3 tourist routes different in Barcelona, with a total of 44 stops and 6 points of connection between them. Most tourist buses are open top to improve visibility and comfort of the tourist.

M&E Multimedia Engineering is an international multimedia engineering company with over 15 years’ experience specialized on the tourism sector. Is mainly dedicated to develop all kinds of Automatic Multilingual Systems. Multimedia and Engineering, works closely with leading companies and institutions to create competitive advantages for success in a changing world.

His headquarters are located in Barcelona, but his structure allows it to serve worldwide. The quality of their products is their main competitive advantage and service their main source of customer loyalty.