First double-decker bus service in Lahore.

The Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP) has finally launched the double-decker bus service in Lahore, as part of a project to promote the cultural and historical heritage of the city, and to increase tourism and economic potential.

Initially you have two double-decker buses on route for guided tour of the historical city. Each bus has the seating capacity of 48 persons on the upper and 18 persons on the lower deck.

The buses have been imported from China at the cost of US $188,000, and three more double-decker buses will join these two very soon.

Lahore is the capital city of the province of Punjab, the second largest metropolitan area in Pakistan and 16th most populous city in the world. One of the most densely populated cities in the world, Lahore remains an economic, political, transportation, entertainment, and educational hub of Pakistan.




Tourism in Spain reaches record figures in 2015

Tourism reached record figures in the first eight months of 2015 in Spain. This increase is due to the large increase in the fear of travelling to Middle East and North Africa, because of the increase rates of terrorism, diverting tourism to the Spanish country. Arrivals rose to 47.2 million tourists, up 4% compared to last year.

Increased tourism denotes that the Spanish economy is based on tourism. The wealth generated by the country’s thanks in part to the tourism industry that moves a lot of money, and generates a lot of internal wealth.

Many in the industry  argue more needs to be done to encourage higher spending and renew Spain’s image as more than just a cheap beach holiday and party spot and to attract visitors to its lesser known regions.

Some cities, meanwhile, are feeling the burden of the big jump in visitors. Barcelona is trying to crack down on uncontrolled tourism amid fears it is spoiling the Catalan capital’s charm.


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France in the spotlight of international tourists

France is receiving tourists as never before, is expected to exceed 85 million this year.

France tourism has grown exponentially this year. In the first quarter has increased 3.6 percent for foreign visitors, this increase is measured in overnight stays by tourists during a given period.

The hotel mode was the preferred in the second quarter, has increased 2.3%, settling this most exploited form com in France.

In Normandy, tourism officials estimate that tourism will be better this year than last year, despite the fact that 2014 already hit a record with the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The news comes after the French government announced it is to set up a massive investment fund to boost the tourism industry, in a bid to attract 100 million visitors a year.

Last year, tourists made some 83.7 million visits to the “hexagon”, a 0.1-percent increase compared to 2013.




Germany reached record levels in tourism

In July 2015, Germany’s tourism achieved yet another record result by generating 10.3 million overnights stays. That’s 2.4 million more overnight stays than during the same period last year, an increase of 5.6 percent. Germany is a country with great cultural diversity, along with a consistent and interesting tourism offer.

The United Kingdom contributed more than 200,000 extra overnights alone. China contributed the biggest share during the first seven months of the year, registering 313,000 additional overnights.

A total of 1.4 million overnight stays were generated by travellers from China, which gets the source country ever closer to the top ten incoming markets. The Arab Golf States contributed an extra 194,000 overnights.

The most dynamic European market is Switzerland, firming up its second place spot in the overall ranking of German source markets with an additional 309,000 overnights. Spain also contributed more than 200,000 extra overnights; the Netherlands defended its position in first place, showing an increase of 172,000 overnight stays from their market.

The US confirmed its spot as the most important overseas market for Germany’s incoming tourism by generating an additional 171,000 overnights. Roughly 60,000 more overnight stays than the previous year were recorded by Brazil, the source market with the strongest growth in South America.

Turistik Chile

Turistik Chile has equipped their new buses with multilingual M&E Systems

Turistik Chile, has installed the new multilanguage system developed by M & E Engineering Multimedia in his buses in Santiago de Chile. This new system offers greater functionality for customers so that they can maximize the tourist experience. It also offers improvements in terms of geolocation and installation.

Turistik is the largest operator in Chile, monopolizing the service of tourist buses in the city of Santiago de Chile. It offers quality service, enhancing the most tourist sites in the city.

M & E is a company that promotes continuous product improvement and innovation that can adapt to changing market needs. M & E Multimedia & Engineering has over 15 years experience in the tourism industry, developing products with high added value for the customer and always try to provide maximum comfort and convenience to them.

Currently the company works with clients around the world, so it is a business reference in the tourist sector.


Turistik Chile

Great Britain

Great Britain reaches record level in international tourism on 2015

According to figures released today by the Office for National Statistics International Passenger Survey, the UK welcomed 3.14 million visits in April, six per cent more than in the same month last year. Great Britan have reached levels than never before have obtained.

Visits hit a new record for the first four months of a year: between January and April 2015 they exceeded ten million for the very first time.

April was a strong month for all types of visit, with Business, Holiday and Visits to Friends & Relatives seeing growth of 18, six and four per cent respectively.

EU15 countries account for over half of all visits to Britain annually, making them the UK’s largest world region for visits.

In April, for the first time, visits from EU15 countries exceeded two million during any one month.

Clearly one of the causes for this increase is the City of London which every year receives more tourists from all parts of world.


Great Britain

mendoza city

Tourist Bus system grows in Mendoza City

Mendoza City tour

This year more than 5 thousand people traveled the most important points of interest of the city of Mendoza, in tourist bus, by Hop-on Hop-off type.

The “Hop-on Hop-off” system allows the user the option to have multiple stops and move up and down in each of them. Allows tourists to know the beauty surrounding, the village and may also see improvements in the Cerro de la Gloria, Gates Park, among others …

To find out what is being displayed, the buses have an audio guide in several languages ​​like Spanish, English and Portuguese and soon will be incorporated the German, French, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese for the entire journey.

The first half of February recorded an income of approximately 170 thousand tourists, generating a 70% hotel occupancy. These figures encourage further work, so more and more people use the tourist bus and other transportation systems of middle distance, to visit the city of Mendoza.

Mendoza City tour is the largest operator of the city. Offering high quality service and the ultimate experience for tourists


Citysightseeinng starts rolling in Budapest

One of the largest operators worldwide tour buses, Citysighseeing, has been installed in the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

Budapest is a city with a special charm, known for being the most beautiful city on the Danube river, is visited each year by more than 6 million tourists.

The Basilica of St. Stephen and St. Matthias Church are two of the most tourist buildings of the city as well as the set of Andrássy út, which has been officially recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage.

City Sightseeing adds another city to its World Wide and enters the Eastern European market, which is still untapped. The operator comes to Budapest to establish a line of business in Europe and consolidate its business model in the countries of Eastern Europe.



Spain has the most competitive tourism sector in the world

Spain leads first global ranking of tourism competitiveness compiled by the World Economic Forum. The Spanish tourism achieved international podium thanks to its rich cultural resources, infrastructure and “adaptation to the digital consumer habits”. Spain has climbed rapidly positions in the world ranking since the previous edition of 2013 (the study is conducted every two years), he ranked fourth. And in 2011, the eighth.

After Spain, the countries that are in top positions are recorded in this order, France, Germany, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Japan and Canada.

Among the top ten global tourism competitiveness positions, six are occupied by European countries. All leading countries stand out for its infrastructure, health and hygiene conditions of their establishments, and the high degree of international openness.

The leading position of Spain arrives thanks to the good world rankings in cultural richness (first place), their ability to support the search digitally entertainment (fourth place) -a measure that reflects how the country has adapted to consumption habits arrived with the digital-revolution, as well as excellent infrastructure. “


Barcelona, among the 25 most visited cities in the world

Barcelona is among the 25 most visited cities in the world in 2014, according to a global market research conducted by Euromonitor International. This strengthens and elevates the tourist image of Spain that had received more than 64 million tourists last year. Meanwhile, the other Spanish city on the ranking is Madrid ranked in position  forty-one, followed by the Polish city of Warsaw and just behind the Italian city of Florence.

The ranking is headed by the Chinese city of Hong Kong, followed by Singapore and Bangkok also Asian. The top ten is led by six cities in Asia.

The first European city is London that is in fourth place in the ranking, followed by Paris. New York is in the seventh position as the most visited American city. To find the first south-American city we have to move to the thirty-first position where we find Lima the capital of Peru.

Barcelona has a special charm and makes it one of the most attractive cities in Europe