The electric double decker bus opens the new era in sustainable tourism.

The dynamism of new technologies makes society grow at a faster rate than in the past. That is why cities have to adapt to this reality and offer services that are in line with these advances.  The tourism sector is not exempt from these novelties and sees as year by year it specializes more the offer and it becomes more competitive the market. Sustainable tourism is another twist in a sector where differentiation is the key to achieving good returns.

One of the main values of today is corporate responsibility in relation to the environment. Sustainable tourism will be the tourism of the future. Improving the coexistence of society through respect for the environment are measures that municipalities and governments mark as indispensable for a near future. That’s why there are companies, Paris l’Open Tour mostly, which have already been put in place to meet the requirements have bought the first electric tour bus in the world, with the intention that before 2024 their entire fleet is composed of these types of buses.

This is very important news because it can be the example to be followed by many other companies (TMB Barcelona, City Tour, Citysightseeing) and consolidate the new era of the electric tourist bus.

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