Citysight Santander

Equipment of the second train for Citysight Santander

After the successful launch of the first Citysight Santander tourist train, today we celebrate the equipping of a second tourist project.

In a year in which the adaptability of companies has been put to the test, for us it is a great celebration to be able to start the year with the launch of this new project.

Rather than the fact that it is favorable for us in terms of turnover, above all we are excited to begin to feel the activation and preparation of the tourism sector for the 2021 season.

Despite all the adversities that we had this year, thanks to the loyalty of our customers, we have been able to continue standing, which is why today as for 20 years, we continue to bet on quality and integrity in all our projects.

Assembly and Production Service for Citysight Santander

Citysight Santander

We take care of the implementation of each engineering project from scratch, for any tourist transport service:

  • Custom connections and wiring
  • Panels and supports for all electronics
  • Project customization
  • Electrical installation and connections of all elements
  • Equipment comparison and commissioning
  • Installation and interconnection with all the equipment of the vehicle (speakers, microphones, screens, lights)
  • Displacement from our offices in Barcelona, ​​wherever the company requires.

Post Production Services

In addition to the implementation of the technical part, we also take care of the production of guided routes, content creation, translations, recordings and GPS positioning of the different routes.

And we carry out an indefinite post-sale follow-up, we are always available for all maintenance that a project, modification or customization requires.

For more information about all our services for the tourism sector, you can visit our Multimedia & Engineering products section in our main menu.