First double-decker hybrid bus in Barcelona City Tour fleet

Barcelona continues to innovate in the tourism sector, this time he has presented his first hybrid sightseeing bus. It is an initiative of the company Barcelona City Tour, owned by the powerful companies Grupo Julià and Moventia.

The double-decker bus ensures very low consumption, with a very acceptable autonomy, as well as a much more relaxed driving. Unvi, the coach builder has been the manufacturer of this new tool to reduce emissions and be aligned with current environmental policies.

After two years in tests, it has been proven that the vehicle allows savings of 30% in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as 40% of NOx and PM emissions.

As far as the multilingual system is concerned, Barcelona City Tour relies on M&E Multimedia & Engineering, to equip it with its MTP08CM system, the most quality system, as well as the most reliable.

The world of the tourist bus has begun to implement the new advances in terms of the emissions of its buses, so that they will be respectful with the environment and promote sustainable mobility in the city.

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