French Tourism rebounds after Terrorist Attacks

Tourism in France suffered after the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, but the new French government is trying to attract even more visitors by promoting and investing in advertising campaigns

Paris is often cited as the most visited city in the world, but tourism dropped by 3 million people last year in the wake of those 2015 terror attacks in the city. Tourism is on the rebound this year. And the French government has plans to make sure it stays that way. Tourism is the main sector in the French capital, which is why the government wants to recover visitor levels before the terrorist attacks of 2015, since they understand that apart from providing wealth, it creates a significant number of jobs.

The country expects 89 million tourists this year and has a goal of 100 million by the end of the decade. That would boost the French economy with 50 billion euros.

Making France more accessible to tourists likely isn’t just for economics. It also can’t hurt Paris in its hopes to host the Summer Olympics either. Since its only rival, Los Angeles, agreed to host in 2028, Paris is likely to be home to the Olympic Games in 2024.

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