economía local

How can your company contribute to the local economy?

The improvement in the local economy will be what helps us to combat the current economic crisis around the world.

It is important to recognize that we can all contribute to making a difference. How much participation is your company having, to help your community get ahead?

Precisely with the intention of answering this question and informing that everyone has the power to get ahead, we are going to list a series of actions that can generate a great change in each community.

But first it is important to understand that this type of crisis must form us at the business level and lay solid foundations in the culture of our company.

It is important to mark a before and after, and from now on a social responsibility, of mutual support, is generated among all small and medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs.

Unity makes strength

What actions favor the local economy?

  • Do you know who your neighboring companies and entrepreneurs are?

The first and most important thing is to recognize the area where your office is located.

In this way you can take into account all the shops you can go to in case you need a job or project.

Now, not only acknowledge it, visit it and in the same way present the services of your company and if possible, leave some business cards or flyers with the services offered.

  • Do you need to screen print a logo? Is training necessary for your staff? Is the office coffee about to run out?

In all these actions, remember the businesses that you have near your office, the small producer or the family business that has been offering this service for years.

Also keep in mind when you hire their services, make it clear what your company is dedicated to, in this way it will be easy for them to take you into account in an upcoming project.

  • Don’t skimp on the price

Small companies tend to have very limited productions, which generates lower profit margins.

For this reason, when paying for the services they offer, pay for it and do not ask for discounts on the service. Otherwise you are not really helping, since that purchase will not generate a real profit for him.

  • If possible, pay in advance for a portion of the service you purchased

Whether it is a policy of the other company or not, it would be nice to leave you, pay in advance. It is a good way to show the value that work has for you and that you support it.

  • If a person passes in front of your office, would they identify what they do?

Make it clear at the entrance of your office, what is the service they offer, what types of work they do and of course the opening hours.

From small changes the world was created.

As big as this situation seems, it is completely surmountable if you work as a team.

Apply these tips and believe it or not, you will be able to generate a change that together with many others create a great improvement.