In which cities do tourists spend more money?

One of the most important data on tourism is the per capita expenditure that tourists generate in the cities they visit. This expenditure is a very valuable asset for the country  national economy, since it generates products consumption as well as jobs, reducing unemployment and increasing the citizens quality life.

Dubai is the city where tourists spent more money per capita. Last year, its 14.9 million visitors spent 28.5 billion euros. New York (17,020 billion euros) and London (16,090 million) are a magnet for shopping, but the two cities are far behind Dubai in average spending per capita. Bangkok is the most popular destination of all, with 19.4 million visitors, although each tourist spent half of what was spent in Dubai.

Among the 10 most visited cities in the world, it is expected that only New York will have a slight decrease in the number of visitors in 2017. Meanwhile, spending continues its upward trend. Dubai, which is the place where the most is spent today, plans to increase tourism spending by 10% for this year.

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