Latest M&E installations: Barcelona and Oslo

M&E continues outfitting tourist buses all over the world with his multilingual systems. This time in Barcelona, most influential area of M&E, and Oslo new destination for the company which wants to open market in the Nordic countries. Tourist bus operators increasingly rely more on the functionality offered by the M&E systems.

Oslo is the entry of the product in the Nordic market, with the idea to differentiate themselves from the competition with the mark of quality and personalized service. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki are cities with very attractive and M&E is studying the possibilities to install their systems there. Oslo is the first step to the implementation of M&E in the Nordic countries.

Barcelona is the capital of tourism in Spain. Every day up to Barcelona tourist buses thousands of people to visit a city with a special charm. The tourist offer is enormous and covers all tourist profiles. TMB and Barcelona City Tour (Julià Group) are the main tourist bus operators, they can see every year that their incomes increases given the greater influx of tourists in the city.

Companies such as City Sightseeing, Open tour Paris, Julià Group or TMB among many others, know firsthand the system and rely on their reliability and robustness. They understand that the installation of multilingual systems is a key to maximize the business profitability, in addition to offering a comprehensive service to tourists.


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