L’Open Tour Paris premieres the first electric tourist bus with M&E System

The prestigious French company, l’Open Tour,  is committed once again to go a step further, this time, acquiring the first electric  open top sightseeing bus in the world. It is a combination between the Spanish bodybuilder Unvi and the powerful Chinese brand BYD.

L’Open Tour, owned by RATP France, demonstrates its awareness of the environment and opens the way for other operators to adopt this type of behavior. The French company has always bet on the quality to give a greater service to the tourists.

And is that Paris is the most tourist city in Europe and one of the most visited in the world. Thing that puts like a model to follow by many cities and operators of sightseeing bus tours.

It should be noted that L’Open Tour has always relied on M&E Multimedia & Engineering as its multilingual system provider, and with this project has once again demonstrated its total willingness to work with the leading company in the audioguide sightseeing bus market.

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