M&E has equipped the new buses in Paris and Toledo

The last week was very moved at the headquarters of M&E Multimedia & Engineering, among other projects the technicians of the company had to move to Paris and Toledo to equip the new M&E generation multilingual system on their buses.

Analyzing the trend of tourism, the type of tour aboard a tourist bus is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and comprehensiveness of the course. This scenario improves the profitability of the tourist buses around the world, improving their services and expanding their fleets in order to supply the growing demand for all different countries.

Paris l’OpenTour and Toledo City Sightseeing follow the general trend of tourism and have expanded their fleets to have more continuous and better service for tourists.

Paris, the city of love, has one of the largest fleets in the world, first because it is the European city that receives more tourists and secondly, because the city has an urban core so dense, which makes the tourist bus the main tourist transport for visiting the city.

Toledo, beautiful city with many interesting things to offer to its tourists, is emerging in their rates of tourism, offering a wide and differentiated schedule of activities and a high quality service

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