M&E equips 26 buses of Madrid City Tour

M&E Multimedia & Engineering continues its good line this 2017. This time has equipped the entire fleet of Madrid City Tour with 26 open top sightseeing buses. The new fleet is composed of 13 buses  by AYATS and 13 by UNVI.

The joint venture between Alsa and Grupo Juliá continues to grow on the spanish capital, investing to provide better service to tourists.

M&E has equipped the buses with the MTP08CM system with 16 channels, the most reliable and robust equipment on the market. In addition to offering a personalized technical service, and travel to Madrid as many times as necessary, forming their operators and leaving the buses ready to work.

In M&E Multimedia Engineering we understand the importance of providing high quality products that adapt to the costumer’s changing needs. This allows us to improve our guide systems constantly  and offer new  high quality models that adapt to the latest technological requirements.


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