M&E equips four sightseeing trains of the coastal city of Salou

Salou the most famous city in the province of Tarragona has relied on M&E to install its multilingual system in the 4 sightseeing trains it has in operation. This installation gives M&E a lot of prestige since it makes clear that the systems it offers can be adapted to any type of tourist transport, whether bus, train or boat.

The City of Salou has decided to give a quality service to the tourists and offer a guided tour by train. This way follows the path of tourist cities in Spain as: Granada, Girona, San Sebastián, Peñíscola … that have decided to make tourism profitable through tourist trains.

M&E continues to grow during this 2017, and hopes to get many more operations for tourist trains given the boom that this type of business is suffering in recent years.  In addition it has grown in number of buses equipped this 2017 and hopes to be able to grow in 2018 in tourist boat thanks to the new systems that are predicted that they will launch to the market that year.

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