M&E equips the new Hybrid fleet of TMB

The new era has reached the tourist bus market. The need to emit less gas and that buses are respectful with the environment, has caused the main operators and manufacturers have to change their business models. The new hybrid and electric technology will revolutionize the sector in the coming years. TMB is ready to start the new era.

TMB has been one of the first operators to bet on hybrid technology. In this case he has relied on the Galician company UNVI as its bus manufacturer. Again at a technological level, M & E has once again become its multilingual systems provider for its new fleet of 8 tour buses.

TMB is always committed to new technologies, to offer its users a high quality service. That is why it is a pioneer in the acquisition of hybrid tour buses that help reduce the level of emissions in the city, one of the main environmental problems. A future is predicted with many changes and that corporate social responsibility is one of the main bases of business.


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