M&E is a global company present in all over the world

M&E has more than 15 years in the tourist bus sector, in fact is the company with more experience in the market. The company has marked a before and after in the technology of multilingual systems for tourist buses, trains and boat. His innovative mentality has made it always offer the most advanced systems with the highest benefits and services.

Currently the company is present in 5 continents, with systems in the most important cities of the planet. Europe is its main market given the proximity, but the organizational structure of the company makes it possible to serve the whole world.

The company has clients like:

  • TMB and Barcelona City Tour: Two of the largest companies in the sector worldwide
  • RATP (Extrapolitan) : present in Paris.
  • Citysightseeing Worldwide
  • Miami Open Tour
  • Turistik Chile
  • Sydney Tour and Tasmania

These are just a few operators with whom M&E works. The market for multilingual systems has grown, as a consequence of the consolidation of this typology of tourism in the world. And if the market grows competition also, M&E continues to be the market leader by offering the best systems with all the certifications and quality tests.

In conclusion the experience in the market and the mentality of offering better systems make M&E the strongest company in the sector. Soon they will launch to the market a new system that will revolutionize the market.

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