M&E grows around 50% in 2017 and positions itself as a leading provider of multilingual systems.

M&E Multimedia & Engineering confirms the good feelings left in 2016 and grows around 50% in 2017. The company has adopted a strategy based on the quality of its products and customer service, in order to guarantee sustainable growth that has led it to expand significantly.

Entering new markets and consolidating existing ones have made the company look at 2018 with enthusiasm and with new projects.  2017 leaves a good flavor, consolidating its position in front of the competition and certifying that it has an adequate strategy, where the first thing is the customers.

2018 is exciting with the arrival of new multilingual systems that revolutionize the market in a radical way. The first will be called Smart Tourist Guide and will be a new system concept that will help the operator to digitize their services and optimize their performance. The second will be aimed at markets more price-sensitive and will allow M & E to reach customers with less technological needs and more emerging.

In conclusion, M&E consolidates as a leading provider in multilingual systems in the world, differentiating itself from the competition in quality and service.

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