M&E New System: Multilingual Tourist Guide for price sensitive markets.

M&E follows its strategy based on innovation in multilingual systems for tourist buses.
Given the great increase in the market in the last years, M & E has decided to develop a price sensitive system, to be able to include all those small and medium operators that need a system but does not want to do a high initial expenditure.

The Multilingual Tourist Guide is a system of maximum reliability offering up to 16 channels. Like all M&E multilingual systems it has the pertinent homologations as well as IP55 certification against water and dust.

The sector is growing at a spectacular pace and the offer has to adapt to the new preferences of the customers. M & E is the company with more experience of the market, as well as the tip in new systems. The reliability of their systems, as well as their technical service, makes the service optimal and personalized for each client. All production is manufactured in our headquarters in Barcelona, as we believe that quality is not a negotiable value with third parties

The new system, Multilingual Tourist Guide, is an advance of what M & E has prepared for this 2017.

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