M&E retrofits 21 TMB buses with his new MTP08CM Compact System

The company specialized in the manufacture of multilingual systems for tourist a bus continues with its extraordinary pace of installations in 2017. This time has been Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) who has returned to rely on the quality and service that M&E offers them.

The order has been to modernize a part of its fleet with the new system MTP08CM Compact System, to be able to give a better service to the tourist. In total there have been 21 tour buses where the central CPU has been changed to the most modern and new M & E. The new central unit offers 16 channels with GPS triggered, and more functionalities.

Currently TMB has 100% of the fleet with the M&E systems, making clear that it bets on the treasured quality.

With these 21 buses, M & E has installed more than 60 buses this 2017, with great expectations of reaching more than 100 this year. In this way, the company consolidates its position in the market, and in 2018 it will seek to cover more world market with the launch of its two new systems Smart Tourist Guide and Multilingual Tourist Guide, which will be a radical revolution in the market.

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