M&E will visit WTM London 2016

M&E Multimedia & Engineering, leader in the manufacture and commercialization of multilingual systems for sightseeing buses, will visit World Travel Market (WTM) that is done in London next November 2016.

The tourist bus sector is growing very fast; increasingly cities decide to implement this type of tour guide given the quality of the service and the wealth it generates for the city. This service gives prestige to the city and gives a qualitative leap for the tourism sector of the city.

Aforetime only Barcelona, London, Paris and a few others, were the cities that offer this service and who bet on a change in the tourism model city. Currently, this service has been extended to countries from all continents. Reaching countries those years ago that was unthinkable that tourism would generate wealth for the people of the city.

Multilingual systems are an indispensable service in the industry, as it provides added value for tourists. Tourist satisfaction should be the priority of companies that offer guided tours on tourist buses. Any service that can be offered to enhance the tourist experience must be analyzed by companies because they can build competitive advantage around other competitors. Otherwise, every day there are more types of guided tour which can reduce the market share.

WTM London brings together companies engaged in the tourism sector worldwide.

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