New corporate image of Barcelona Bus Turístic

The company TMB of Barcelona has decided to adopt this decision, given the process of modernization that the brand is suffering. Barcelona Bus Turístic is the company with more experience in the realization of guided tours by Barcelona.

The modernization process has begun with the acquisition of new tourist buses with the latest technology on the market.  For example Barcelona Bus Turístic has installed the MTP08CM Compact System of M&E Multimedia Engineering, which gives the highest performance in audio quality.

The new image is inspired by several attractions of the Catalan capital, such as the reflection of the sun on the sea, the art of Gaudí’, the city’s street tiles, the stained-glass windows of the churches or the colors of the Torre Agbar and the Olympic Fish.

Barcelona receives millions of tourists annually and the tourist bus is one of the ways to visit the city preferred by certain segments of tourists. The scope of any commercial or communication strategy is enormous, making the consequences have the same impact.

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