Citysight Santander

Equipment of the second train for Citysight Santander

After the successful launch of the first Citysight Santander tourist train, today we celebrate the equipping of a second tourist project.

In a year in which the adaptability of companies has been put to the test, for us it is a great celebration to be able to start the year with the launch of this new project.

Rather than the fact that it is favorable for us in terms of turnover, above all we are excited to begin to feel the activation and preparation of the tourism sector for the 2021 season.

Despite all the adversities that we had this year, thanks to the loyalty of our customers, we have been able to continue standing, which is why today as for 20 years, we continue to bet on quality and integrity in all our projects.

Assembly and Production Service for Citysight Santander

Citysight Santander

We take care of the implementation of each engineering project from scratch, for any tourist transport service:

  • Custom connections and wiring
  • Panels and supports for all electronics
  • Project customization
  • Electrical installation and connections of all elements
  • Equipment comparison and commissioning
  • Installation and interconnection with all the equipment of the vehicle (speakers, microphones, screens, lights)
  • Displacement from our offices in Barcelona, ​​wherever the company requires.

Post Production Services

In addition to the implementation of the technical part, we also take care of the production of guided routes, content creation, translations, recordings and GPS positioning of the different routes.

And we carry out an indefinite post-sale follow-up, we are always available for all maintenance that a project, modification or customization requires.

For more information about all our services for the tourism sector, you can visit our Multimedia & Engineering products section in our main menu.

economía local

How can your company contribute to the local economy?

The improvement in the local economy will be what helps us to combat the current economic crisis around the world.

It is important to recognize that we can all contribute to making a difference. How much participation is your company having, to help your community get ahead?

Precisely with the intention of answering this question and informing that everyone has the power to get ahead, we are going to list a series of actions that can generate a great change in each community.

But first it is important to understand that this type of crisis must form us at the business level and lay solid foundations in the culture of our company.

It is important to mark a before and after, and from now on a social responsibility, of mutual support, is generated among all small and medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs.

Unity makes strength

What actions favor the local economy?

  • Do you know who your neighboring companies and entrepreneurs are?

The first and most important thing is to recognize the area where your office is located.

In this way you can take into account all the shops you can go to in case you need a job or project.

Now, not only acknowledge it, visit it and in the same way present the services of your company and if possible, leave some business cards or flyers with the services offered.

  • Do you need to screen print a logo? Is training necessary for your staff? Is the office coffee about to run out?

In all these actions, remember the businesses that you have near your office, the small producer or the family business that has been offering this service for years.

Also keep in mind when you hire their services, make it clear what your company is dedicated to, in this way it will be easy for them to take you into account in an upcoming project.

  • Don’t skimp on the price

Small companies tend to have very limited productions, which generates lower profit margins.

For this reason, when paying for the services they offer, pay for it and do not ask for discounts on the service. Otherwise you are not really helping, since that purchase will not generate a real profit for him.

  • If possible, pay in advance for a portion of the service you purchased

Whether it is a policy of the other company or not, it would be nice to leave you, pay in advance. It is a good way to show the value that work has for you and that you support it.

  • If a person passes in front of your office, would they identify what they do?

Make it clear at the entrance of your office, what is the service they offer, what types of work they do and of course the opening hours.

From small changes the world was created.

As big as this situation seems, it is completely surmountable if you work as a team.

Apply these tips and believe it or not, you will be able to generate a change that together with many others create a great improvement.

Return to work, security measures in offices

We want to share all the products that Multimedia Engineering has developed in order to provide total security in closed spaces.

What are the security measures in offices, to be taken?

Enclosed spaces lend themselves more easily to the spread of contagions.

Companies have the obligation to protect the entire work team from all kinds of risks.

For this reason, it is necessary to implement equipment that helps maintain the offices as safe spaces for the worker.

Masks act as the first barrier to stop contagion, however in offices, solutions must be sought that go further and offer efficient solutions in common areas.

Equipment that guarantees total hygiene in offices:

Personalized protection kits, easy to carry: you can offer your workers compact kits for personal use, which contain a mask, a hydro-alcoholic wipe, a pair of gloves and instructions for use.

All the products that make up the kits comply with the hygiene regulations and the safety instructions of the Ministry of Consumption

Gel dispensers for industrial use: these types of dispensers offer a safe and long-lasting solution, since they can be embedded in the ground and are operated by means of a pedal.

This mechanism prevents contagion, since it is not necessary to touch it, it is only pressed with the foot and the dose comes out.

Ozone Purifier: essential for spaces where there is no natural ventilation. These purifiers come with scent, air quality indicator, remote control, and smart activation.

This purification is carried out through the creation of a plasma electric field that produces the coalition between particles, rapidly extinguishing harmful gases, active viruses, bacteria and odors.

Protection screens: they are very necessary as dividers in offices where desks are shared.

Temperature chambers: it serves as the first security filter, they are usually at the entrances of closed places.

It offers the possibility of calibrating at the desired temperature and activating a sound alarm.

If you still do not have any of these equipment in your office, get in touch, we are suppliers and we develop in our workshop the custom industrial use gel dispenser with corporate colors and company logo.

Teclados Code System

Code System at Sant Jordi Hostels

We continue to install our Code System keyboards in Sant Jordi hostels.

So far we have 10 keyboards installed, thanks to the fact that we have complied with the security and easy management of our system:

  • They can be easily managed with the intrusions of our manual
  • The codes allow to be activated manually, and are deactivated only until the change is made manually
  • They are completely safe and automatically block against any forced entry attempt
  • Can be installed on open surfaces as they are resistant to water and dust
  • They do not require any maintenance, after their first installation
  • They are the perfect size, to be installed anywhere
  • It adapts to any type of door
keyboards Code System

We will always celebrate the trust and preference placed in our keyboards.

Ingeniería especializada

Specialized engineering and Expert in electronics

We have developed a long history in the tourism sector with specialized engineering of projects designed for people.

In Multimedia Engineering, the design and the development process come together perfectly, where each product can easily adapt to the ecosystem where it is developed.

Today we want to expand our horizons and make all our knowledge available as specialized engineering with more than 20 years of experience.

From our office in Barcelona we manufacture all kinds of electronic products, we are involved in the entire development of each new equipment.

Having our own workshop also allows us total customization and adjustments according to the specific needs of each company.

How is the development of each project?

Ingeniería especializada

We take the most appropriate path to develop sustainable projects over time, for which we follow the following stages:

Analysis: we study the sector, the opportunity this product would have to add value, main factors for and against, and the competition that exists in the market.

Design and Engineering: we develop the entire concept and aesthetic design

Prototyping: we proceed to manufacture the prototypes.Prototyping: we proceed to manufacture the prototypes.

Industrialization and Manufacturing: This is the final phase where we industrialize all the manufactured equipment.

Some specialized engineering projects that we develop:

  • Design and production of electronic boards and equipment
  • Housing design and mechanical components
  • Automatisms
  • Industrial computers, firmware and software
  • Assembly and production service
  • Technical service
  • Multilanguage audio systems
  • Access control system
  • Solar thermal regulators

We do not follow the same development with each project, depending on which stage each product is in, we adapt to be able to carry it out without the need to lengthen the processes.

multilanguage guides


We celebrate the installation of our multilanguage guides MTP 08CM on the Citysightseen Santander tourist train.

We made the visit a week ago and installed our entire system at the facilities of the Ilertren train manufacturers

¿Why our multilanguage guides?

Unlike other guides on the market, our guides offer a complete and high quality service for both the company and the user.

  • They are programmed in different languages ​​(a total of 8)
  • Complete system with microphone, wiring and speaker
  • They are installed on the back of the seats or on the walls of the means of transport. Its size is 2.5 cm deep by 7 cm long, so it takes up very little space.
  • It does not matter if the routes are carried out in convertible vehicles, since the guides are completely resistant to air, water and sun.
  • With built-in GPS system

¿Where can we install our guides?

The MTP 08CM guides can be installed in any means of transport: buses, boats, trains, small vehicles …

In addition, its size facilitates installation anywhere: chairs, doors, ceilings, the options are multiple.

We invite you to bet on Spanish companies to transform your tourism projects.

At Multimedia & Ingeniera we have our own workshop in Barcelona, ​​which always allows us to personalize all the services of our clients.

We are located at Calle Espronceda 19, local 1 and 2 Poblenou.

¿You have in mind to launch a technology project?

multilanguage guides

Leave it in our hands, we put at your disposal all our knowledge as a specialized engineering and electronics expert, to develop the system that best suits your needs.

  • We carry out the analysis
  • Design and engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Industrialization and manufacturing
multilanguage guides

Social distancing on your tourist routes

In the new normal, the use of technologies that facilitate social distancing is extremely necessary to offer greater security in the tourism sector.

In the new normal, it is inevitable that on tours groups of tourists stray further from the guide. For this, guiding with a wireless microphone will allow a better experience for both parties, guiding will not be a challenge or a strain for the voice.

In the new normal, it is inevitable that on tours groups of tourists stray further from the guide. For this, guiding with a wireless microphone will allow a better experience for both parties, guiding will not be a challenge or a strain for the voice.

Whether it’s for small group private tours or tourist transportation tours, we have the right size disposable or multi-use system for which we offer cleaning to go packs.

This pack to go includes a disinfectant wipe, a mask and a 30 ml bottle of hydroalcohol. The packaging is small and can be customized with the company’s logo and corporate colors.

This pack to go includes a disinfectant wipe, a mask and a 30 ml bottle of hydroalcohol. The packaging is small and can be customized with the company’s logo and corporate colors.

Radio guides and Audio guides that promote social distancing in museums

We offer two types of devices for personal use, maintaining a safe distance that allow you to enjoy the tourist routes but without making an effort to listen or be heard.

Radio guides

In the radio guide option, the system is multichannel (from 4 to 60) which allows separate groups of tourists in the vicinity.

Some have a quick channel change feature for the entire group at the push of a button.

You will have the option of showing the channel number on the receivers, while others can show the name of a group, both options are possible, we will configure it for you.

The radio guide kit is presented in an easy-to-carry case, where the different listening devices are located, which are loaded in the same case.

The devices are hung on the neck and allows to move around the area while the guide, through a microphone connected to all the devices, explains the most relevant details.

This radio kit is made up of:

  • Charger case (to charge everything at once)
  • 1 or 2 senders (the device the guide uses to speak)
  • 30 receivers (the device tourists use to listen)
  • Headset with microphone (so that the guide can speak)


If using this tour guide system is not for you, you can also consider the audio guide system.

In the audio guides it is possible to record in advance the comments about each place of interest, which allows the tourist total freedom to make the tour at their own pace

With these you also have the possibility of giving them to the tourist after use.

Or there is also the possibility of providing disposable headphones that can be delivered with the device.

Our headphones come in biodegradable packaging and we offer the possibility of customizing them with corporate colors and company logo.

We always have the possibility to customize each project according to the needs of your routes.

Ask us and we will advise you.


If you’re gonna be travelling on wheelchair, we want to provide all the information you need to go around the world and find the best facilities to ride comfortably.

With our multilanguage guides we have visited different parts of the world and found an increasingly aware industry for wheelchair travelers.


travel by plane on wheelchair

Since 2008, all airports have a special assistance service for people who use wheelchairs. This service is completely free but, just in case, we recommend you to check the policy of each airline before travelling.

We also recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you book your plane reservation beforehand (airplanes have limited seats)
  • Learn about secutiry controls
  • Ask for the help to the airport staff – they’re always available to answer your queries
  • Inform about the cost of extra services
  • Ask about the cost for different types of wheelchairs
  • Remember that no one without a borading pass can get on the plane, so if you travel with a family member to help you, you must notify the airline.
  • Consider the special conditions if you want to check in your wheelchair, we leave you the following informative link

Travel on wheelchair with Ryanair

Travel on wheelchair with Vueling

Travel on wheelchair with Iberia

How travel by train on wheelchair

Here the conditions of the trains and tracks are still a great limitation, moving from car to car is impossible because of the narrow aisles, and most bathrooms are not suitable for use in wheelchairs.

Keep in mind the following factors to travel as comfortable as possible:

  • Book your trip in advance so you can reserve one of the wheelchair seats.
  • You can ask for assistance if you need it at the station (it is usually a basic service, but it will help you to move more easily)
  • Find out about the requirements that your wheelchair must meet (measures and weight accepted)
  • Find out about discounts for traveling in a wheelchair

Now, if your travel preferences are more inclined to get to know the city traveling in tourist buses, do not worry that most have special seats and work with our multilingual audio guides with which you can recognize the most emblemattic places of the city from the comfort of your chair.

We hope that with this information you can make your next trip greater security and easy, now it will only be a matters of deciding what your next destination will be.

Our Guides With TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner

Today at Multimedia & Engineering we are celebrating the achievement of TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner 2019.

Our customer’s achievements are also ours. Because of that, we always strive to offer the best service with our most complete guides and the most modern multi-language automatic systems in the industry.

As a result, this is reflected in the positive reviews of all users on the TripAdvisor platform:

TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


What does it mean to be the Traveller Choice Award Winner?

The Traveller Choice Award is a recognition given by Trip Advisor where they compensate the good service offered by a company. Therefore, this is transmitted through the opinions of all users in this platform.

TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


The company Barcelona Bus Turístic offers a very complete automatic tourist audioguide through the most emblematic and beautiful places and monuments of Barcelona.

In addition, Barcelona Bus Turístic offers a total of 3 different routes so that visitors don´t miss a thing from the Condal city.

It also offers the possibility of making technical stops; allowing the traveler to organize the tour at their own pace and in their own language

Some of the reasons why this year´s TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner works with our Automatic Multilanguage Guides are:

  • Our design is compact and functional
  • Easy to use, install and maintain
  • Customizable airphones and controller
  • Allows up to 32 languages
  • Dust and water resistant
  • With optional GPS system and SAE interconnection
  • We have different designs adapted to the needs of each client

Multimedia & Engineering congratulates the entire team of TMB and  Barcelona Bus Turístic.

We commit to continue working hard to make our customers grow and feel safe using our products.

At Multimedia & Engineering we adapt to the needs of each of our customers and their satisfaction and happiness is one of the most important pillars.

For more information consult our full range of services on our official Website.



Multimedia & Engineering Present in Paris  


Multimedia & Engineering implements the new multilanguage audio system for Open Tour tour buses in Paris.

This new system offers 16 languages and provides data and information to generate statistics and relevant analysis that can support the development of strategies and improvements for the business. The water and dust resistant modules were customized with an exclusive design for Open Tour; an easy model to install, use and maintain. We are proud to be part of a tourist experience in one of the main capitals of the world, with more than 42 million foreign visitors per year and continue telling the story of the most beautiful places in the world with the best multilanguage audio technology.