Code-System: Keypad

  • Designed for tourist facilities.
  • Completely autonomous.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Without network connection.
  • Closing various solutions such as:
  • Locksmith electrical, electronic lock or electronic cylinder Code System.

Management Software

From its custom control panel, you can generate different codes for their apartments or premises.

Code-System improves existing systems acces on the market.

Power consumption manager

It is a computer power management for hotels, apartments, businesses, offices, bungalows, lockers, parking, storage, community areas, houses, clubs, furniture and many more.

The system determines the connection and disconnection of power supply lines of air conditioning, appliances, lights, etc.


The system manages the connection and disconnection of power supply from the information obtained from a timer and a volumetric sensor. This way you can ensure that no power consumption occurs in the absence of customers.

The system is easy to install and can assume an energy saving of up to 300 euros for year