Return to work, security measures in offices

We want to share all the products that Multimedia Engineering has developed in order to provide total security in closed spaces.

What are the security measures in offices, to be taken?

Enclosed spaces lend themselves more easily to the spread of contagions.

Companies have the obligation to protect the entire work team from all kinds of risks.

For this reason, it is necessary to implement equipment that helps maintain the offices as safe spaces for the worker.

Masks act as the first barrier to stop contagion, however in offices, solutions must be sought that go further and offer efficient solutions in common areas.

Equipment that guarantees total hygiene in offices:

Personalized protection kits, easy to carry: you can offer your workers compact kits for personal use, which contain a mask, a hydro-alcoholic wipe, a pair of gloves and instructions for use.

All the products that make up the kits comply with the hygiene regulations and the safety instructions of the Ministry of Consumption

Gel dispensers for industrial use: these types of dispensers offer a safe and long-lasting solution, since they can be embedded in the ground and are operated by means of a pedal.

This mechanism prevents contagion, since it is not necessary to touch it, it is only pressed with the foot and the dose comes out.

Ozone Purifier: essential for spaces where there is no natural ventilation. These purifiers come with scent, air quality indicator, remote control, and smart activation.

This purification is carried out through the creation of a plasma electric field that produces the coalition between particles, rapidly extinguishing harmful gases, active viruses, bacteria and odors.

Protection screens: they are very necessary as dividers in offices where desks are shared.

Temperature chambers: it serves as the first security filter, they are usually at the entrances of closed places.

It offers the possibility of calibrating at the desired temperature and activating a sound alarm.

If you still do not have any of these equipment in your office, get in touch, we are suppliers and we develop in our workshop the custom industrial use gel dispenser with corporate colors and company logo.