Sightseeing bus of Buenos Aires has already exceeded one million passengers between 2013-2017

Sightseeing bus of Buenos Aires transported 1,010,763 passengers between 2013 and 2017. The intention of the tourism authorities is to recover this year the almost 60,000 passengers that were lost in 2015 and 2016, when it had 225,642 and 221,633, respectively, against the 289,518 in 2013 and the 295,509 in 2014, the best year so far.

In the last year, 79.96% of tourists surveyed were foreigners, while the rest, 20.04%, Argentines. Among the Argentines who traveled on the bus, 53% were women and 46% were men, while among foreigners the proportion was exactly the reverse: 46% women and 53% men. 67.79% of national tourists did not use mobile phone applications to access tourist information and, on the other hand, more than half of foreigners did use it, 50.48%.

The bus, which has an autoguide, stops strategically to connect with other activities. The cost of the 24-hour ride for a foreign tourist over 12 years is 480 pesos, while for the 48-hour ride the price amounts to 650 pesos.



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