Sightseeing Lahore expands his fleet with three new tourist buses

Lahore, second most populated city in Pakistan with about 7 million people, has seen that its tourism has increased in recent years due to the stability in the country after decades of armed conflict.

Because of this new situation arose the idea of exploiting the tourist bus business. Due to it is a business that promotes the city and also provides many economic benefits for its people, they start with the service in November last year.

Well they have done that nowadays have acquired three more double-decker buses for its citywide tours. The vehicles are expected to arrive in Lahore in January. Each bus has a capacity to accommodate 67 passengers.

Today the tourist bus is a must in any city that wants to have a sustainable and profitable tourism model. Lahore is already part of an almost endless list of cities that have decided to exploit the business and enrich all complementary businesses.

Europe remains the continent with most tourist buses, but more and more cities has actually rolling typical open top buses through the city.

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