Spain has the most competitive tourism sector in the world

Spain leads first global ranking of tourism competitiveness compiled by the World Economic Forum. The Spanish tourism achieved international podium thanks to its rich cultural resources, infrastructure and “adaptation to the digital consumer habits”. Spain has climbed rapidly positions in the world ranking since the previous edition of 2013 (the study is conducted every two years), he ranked fourth. And in 2011, the eighth.

After Spain, the countries that are in top positions are recorded in this order, France, Germany, USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Japan and Canada.

Among the top ten global tourism competitiveness positions, six are occupied by European countries. All leading countries stand out for its infrastructure, health and hygiene conditions of their establishments, and the high degree of international openness.

The leading position of Spain arrives thanks to the good world rankings in cultural richness (first place), their ability to support the search digitally entertainment (fourth place) -a measure that reflects how the country has adapted to consumption habits arrived with the digital-revolution, as well as excellent infrastructure. “

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