Ingeniería especializada

Specialized engineering and Expert in electronics

We have developed a long history in the tourism sector with specialized engineering of projects designed for people.

In Multimedia Engineering, the design and the development process come together perfectly, where each product can easily adapt to the ecosystem where it is developed.

Today we want to expand our horizons and make all our knowledge available as specialized engineering with more than 20 years of experience.

From our office in Barcelona we manufacture all kinds of electronic products, we are involved in the entire development of each new equipment.

Having our own workshop also allows us total customization and adjustments according to the specific needs of each company.

How is the development of each project?

Ingeniería especializada

We take the most appropriate path to develop sustainable projects over time, for which we follow the following stages:

Analysis: we study the sector, the opportunity this product would have to add value, main factors for and against, and the competition that exists in the market.

Design and Engineering: we develop the entire concept and aesthetic design

Prototyping: we proceed to manufacture the prototypes.Prototyping: we proceed to manufacture the prototypes.

Industrialization and Manufacturing: This is the final phase where we industrialize all the manufactured equipment.

Some specialized engineering projects that we develop:

  • Design and production of electronic boards and equipment
  • Housing design and mechanical components
  • Automatisms
  • Industrial computers, firmware and software
  • Assembly and production service
  • Technical service
  • Multilanguage audio systems
  • Access control system
  • Solar thermal regulators

We do not follow the same development with each project, depending on which stage each product is in, we adapt to be able to carry it out without the need to lengthen the processes.