Citysightseeing Athens equips its new bus with M&E multilingual system

The Greek company is renewing fleet, to be able to offer an optimal service to its customers. Citysightseeeing Athens is a company that is committed to the quality of service, has a fleet that constantly renews and 4 lines that show the best of the city of Athens.

Currently the company has its entire fleet equipped with the multilingual systems of M & E Multimedia & Engineering, and for its new bus it has once again relied on the Spanish company as its trusted supplier. It has been equipped with the MTP08CM system with 16 channels, which offers the best sound quality and reliability in the market.

Thanks to its new strategy, M & E has grown steadily in recent years, building customer loyalty through quality and service and reaching new ones that make the business grow and the company can consolidate its leadership position in the market.

With the new systems that are being developed and that will soon be launched on the market, the Spanish company hopes to be able to differentiate itself even more from the competition and be able to grow all over the world.