If you’re gonna be travelling on wheelchair, we want to provide all the information you need to go around the world and find the best facilities to ride comfortably.

With our multilanguage guides we have visited different parts of the world and found an increasingly aware industry for wheelchair travelers.


travel by plane on wheelchair

Since 2008, all airports have a special assistance service for people who use wheelchairs. This service is completely free but, just in case, we recommend you to check the policy of each airline before travelling.

We also recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Make sure you book your plane reservation beforehand (airplanes have limited seats)
  • Learn about secutiry controls
  • Ask for the help to the airport staff – they’re always available to answer your queries
  • Inform about the cost of extra services
  • Ask about the cost for different types of wheelchairs
  • Remember that no one without a borading pass can get on the plane, so if you travel with a family member to help you, you must notify the airline.
  • Consider the special conditions if you want to check in your wheelchair, we leave you the following informative link

Travel on wheelchair with Ryanair

Travel on wheelchair with Vueling

Travel on wheelchair with Iberia

How travel by train on wheelchair

Here the conditions of the trains and tracks are still a great limitation, moving from car to car is impossible because of the narrow aisles, and most bathrooms are not suitable for use in wheelchairs.

Keep in mind the following factors to travel as comfortable as possible:

  • Book your trip in advance so you can reserve one of the wheelchair seats.
  • You can ask for assistance if you need it at the station (it is usually a basic service, but it will help you to move more easily)
  • Find out about the requirements that your wheelchair must meet (measures and weight accepted)
  • Find out about discounts for traveling in a wheelchair

Now, if your travel preferences are more inclined to get to know the city traveling in tourist buses, do not worry that most have special seats and work with our multilingual audio guides with which you can recognize the most emblemattic places of the city from the comfort of your chair.

We hope that with this information you can make your next trip greater security and easy, now it will only be a matters of deciding what your next destination will be.

Our Guides With TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner

Today at Multimedia & Engineering we are celebrating the achievement of TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner 2019.

Our customer’s achievements are also ours. Because of that, we always strive to offer the best service with our most complete guides and the most modern multi-language automatic systems in the industry.

As a result, this is reflected in the positive reviews of all users on the TripAdvisor platform:

TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


What does it mean to be the Traveller Choice Award Winner?

The Traveller Choice Award is a recognition given by Trip Advisor where they compensate the good service offered by a company. Therefore, this is transmitted through the opinions of all users in this platform.

TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner


The company Barcelona Bus Turístic offers a very complete automatic tourist audioguide through the most emblematic and beautiful places and monuments of Barcelona.

In addition, Barcelona Bus Turístic offers a total of 3 different routes so that visitors don´t miss a thing from the Condal city.

It also offers the possibility of making technical stops; allowing the traveler to organize the tour at their own pace and in their own language

Some of the reasons why this year´s TMB Traveller Choice Award Winner works with our Automatic Multilanguage Guides are:

  • Our design is compact and functional
  • Easy to use, install and maintain
  • Customizable airphones and controller
  • Allows up to 32 languages
  • Dust and water resistant
  • With optional GPS system and SAE interconnection
  • We have different designs adapted to the needs of each client

Multimedia & Engineering congratulates the entire team of TMB and  Barcelona Bus Turístic.

We commit to continue working hard to make our customers grow and feel safe using our products.

At Multimedia & Engineering we adapt to the needs of each of our customers and their satisfaction and happiness is one of the most important pillars.

For more information consult our full range of services on our official Website.