M&E retrofits 29 sightseeing buses for TMB Barcelona

TMB Barcelona continues with its policy of digitization in its sightseeing bus fleet. It’s about changing its MT08T multilingual systems, for the new M & E MTP08CM system with 16 languages, which offers more sound quality and optimizes reliability. The operation has been 29 sightseeing buses that are the last round to have the fleet fully digitized.

During the last two years, TMB has digitized its entire fleet, as well as acquired many buses to serve tourists. The tourist explosion in Barcelona has meant that the offer has to be adapted to the growing demand, as well as implementing new technologies to continue at the forefront of the sector. With these new operations, M & E confirms its dominance position in Spain, where it has a high market share.

M&E continues with its expansion process, leading a growing sector, offering quality and service as its main advantages around its competition. The company has full control of all manufacturing processes that take place in the headquarters of Barcelona and are distributed throughout the world.

M&E equips the new Hybrid fleet of TMB

The new era has reached the tourist bus market. The need to emit less gas and that buses are respectful with the environment, has caused the main operators and manufacturers have to change their business models. The new hybrid and electric technology will revolutionize the sector in the coming years. TMB is ready to start the new era.

TMB has been one of the first operators to bet on hybrid technology. In this case he has relied on the Galician company UNVI as its bus manufacturer. Again at a technological level, M & E has once again become its multilingual systems provider for its new fleet of 8 tour buses.

TMB is always committed to new technologies, to offer its users a high quality service. That is why it is a pioneer in the acquisition of hybrid tour buses that help reduce the level of emissions in the city, one of the main environmental problems. A future is predicted with many changes and that corporate social responsibility is one of the main bases of business.


M&E retrofits 21 TMB buses with his new MTP08CM Compact System

The company specialized in the manufacture of multilingual systems for tourist a bus continues with its extraordinary pace of installations in 2017. This time has been Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) who has returned to rely on the quality and service that M&E offers them.

The order has been to modernize a part of its fleet with the new system MTP08CM Compact System, to be able to give a better service to the tourist. In total there have been 21 tour buses where the central CPU has been changed to the most modern and new M & E. The new central unit offers 16 channels with GPS triggered, and more functionalities.

Currently TMB has 100% of the fleet with the M&E systems, making clear that it bets on the treasured quality.

With these 21 buses, M & E has installed more than 60 buses this 2017, with great expectations of reaching more than 100 this year. In this way, the company consolidates its position in the market, and in 2018 it will seek to cover more world market with the launch of its two new systems Smart Tourist Guide and Multilingual Tourist Guide, which will be a radical revolution in the market.

New corporate image of Barcelona Bus Turístic

The company TMB of Barcelona has decided to adopt this decision, given the process of modernization that the brand is suffering. Barcelona Bus Turístic is the company with more experience in the realization of guided tours by Barcelona.

The modernization process has begun with the acquisition of new tourist buses with the latest technology on the market.  For example Barcelona Bus Turístic has installed the MTP08CM Compact System of M&E Multimedia Engineering, which gives the highest performance in audio quality.

The new image is inspired by several attractions of the Catalan capital, such as the reflection of the sun on the sea, the art of Gaudí’, the city’s street tiles, the stained-glass windows of the churches or the colors of the Torre Agbar and the Olympic Fish.

Barcelona receives millions of tourists annually and the tourist bus is one of the ways to visit the city preferred by certain segments of tourists. The scope of any commercial or communication strategy is enormous, making the consequences have the same impact.

M&E equips the new tourist buses of TMB Barcelona

M&E Multimedia & Engineering has equipped the new fleet of tourist buses of TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona). The specialist in the manufacture and marketing of multilingual audio guide systems is strengthened in his city. This new fleet has Volvo chassis and body SERCAR, which represent a modernization of the existing fleet of tourist buses in the city.

TMB is the company that manages public transport in Barcelona and its surroundings. It is a model company in terms of urban transport management, as managed by train, bus, tram and tourist bus.

Regarding the tourist bus network consists of 3 tourist routes different in Barcelona, with a total of 44 stops and 6 points of connection between them. Most tourist buses are open top to improve visibility and comfort of the tourist.

M&E Multimedia Engineering is an international multimedia engineering company with over 15 years’ experience specialized on the tourism sector. Is mainly dedicated to develop all kinds of Automatic Multilingual Systems. Multimedia and Engineering, works closely with leading companies and institutions to create competitive advantages for success in a changing world.

His headquarters are located in Barcelona, but his structure allows it to serve worldwide. The quality of their products is their main competitive advantage and service their main source of customer loyalty.

Latest M&E installations: Barcelona and Oslo

M&E continues outfitting tourist buses all over the world with his multilingual systems. This time in Barcelona, most influential area of M&E, and Oslo new destination for the company which wants to open market in the Nordic countries. Tourist bus operators increasingly rely more on the functionality offered by the M&E systems.

Oslo is the entry of the product in the Nordic market, with the idea to differentiate themselves from the competition with the mark of quality and personalized service. Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki are cities with very attractive and M&E is studying the possibilities to install their systems there. Oslo is the first step to the implementation of M&E in the Nordic countries.

Barcelona is the capital of tourism in Spain. Every day up to Barcelona tourist buses thousands of people to visit a city with a special charm. The tourist offer is enormous and covers all tourist profiles. TMB and Barcelona City Tour (Julià Group) are the main tourist bus operators, they can see every year that their incomes increases given the greater influx of tourists in the city.

Companies such as City Sightseeing, Open tour Paris, Julià Group or TMB among many others, know firsthand the system and rely on their reliability and robustness. They understand that the installation of multilingual systems is a key to maximize the business profitability, in addition to offering a comprehensive service to tourists.