The UK tourism sector wants to stay in the European Union

The delicate situation of Great Britain shakes the main sectors that receive their income from abroad. The Brexit threatens to change the rules of the game setting the country on a new board game, where the most affected will be tourism. Concern grows in the British tourism sector by making the chamber tourism act aggressively against the British government. 82% of British tourism companies considered important to stay in the European Union (EU). They specify that the exit of the European Union cause an irreversibly harm because of differences in prices and unfavorable currency changes.

The tourism sector sees the “Brexit” as an economic abyss, because it can change the tourist preferences and bring again recession in the sector and weaken and cut an important source of national income.

Last year, foreign visitors in the UK contributed 28.396 million euros, representing an expenditure of 813 euros per tourist. The UK trade association has urged the British government to commit to the inbound tourism industry that generates billions and accounts for almost one in ten jobs in the country, saying “yes” to stay in the EU. The association has asked its 300 members about the referendum on the exit or continuity of UK in the EU.

From executive positions on the British tourism sector had claimed that the importance of not isolating the tourism market in the country, continue to invest in the sector to global reference their cities and to generate wealth.

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