Tourist train: New speciality of M&E

Nowadays the mode of visiting a city aboard a tourist bus, train and / or boat are increasingly fashionable. The benefits of these services are changing and adding more value, and the tourist knows appreciate them. It is clear that the tourist bus still have much more reputation than tourist train and boat, but it should be mentioned that the tourist train begins to take force in small tourist towns.

Cities like San Sebastian, Granada and Girona are already enjoying this new service. The tourist train service based on bringing the tourist along a route through the city while they listen to the comments by their individual headphones. The service is complete, while visiting the main attractions of the city its history and events is heard.

M&E has installed multilingual Systems in seven tourist trains

 M&E is specialized in the installation of multilingual systems in tourist trains, buses and boats. As the market tourist train is growing strongly M&E has adapted his systems for bus to be compatible with the tourist trains. M&E is the only company worldwide that can show off of having a system that works perfectly.

Until today cities such as San Sebastian, Girona, Lleida, Fuengirola, Granada and Peñiscola have installed M&E multilingual systems, and they match all the same:  “It has been a great boost for business and the sale of tickets”.

Finally M&E has also equipped the tourist train of the wine cellars Torres, a personalized project that works since 2008, and in 2014 turned it into a solar tourist train making it fully respectful with the environment.







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